How to Use Field Bets and Hop Bets in Craps

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In the game of craps there are some bets that just aren’t viewed as bets giving good chances for winning. However wagering in the game of craps can give any casino player a fresh change. The game can also be enjoyable offering more excitement. It can also offer huge payouts. The following are some bets not commonly used in craps.

Field Bet – Compared to the pass bets the field bets are used only for single dice rolls. This translates that a number used for double rolls will make the player lose the wager. In terms of statistics other numbers like six, five eight and seven have a good chance of being outcomes when in comparison to the numbers for the field.

Most professional craps player will perhaps tell a beginner that any win in the craps will also depend on the game streak of the player. A good streak can make them wager for more and a bad streak can make them wager for less. In playing field bets the player must first distinguish if it is worth increasing or decreasing the number of bets. A professional craps player may first create winning goals or loss limitations. A player can only use three hundred dollars he can choose to start betting for five dollars and after a while if he has already losses that make up thirty percent of three hundred dollars then it will be the limitation and will tell him to stop.

The players should maintain his bets for the field and must not miss anything. The dealer’s job is making sure players are betting constantly so players will bet for the results too. Always remember to never double the bets for the goal of winning.

Making the hop bet

The hop bet is termed after a craps professional player who became famous. His name was Winston Smith and he was nicknamed the hopper. This bet is for a single roll only and can be done verbally. This bet allows the player to gain by combining the numbers. The odd for winning using this bet is fifteen is to one. The chance for winning is really good.

Uses of the Hopping Bet:

1.A player can use a hopping bet for a hardway proposition bet. This is not a common knowledge to many players. A good payout can come with using a hop bet while doing the hardway bet. The hop for a hardway actually gives a double payout for a successful move. This is however just like the hardway bets is still for single rolls only. It is a good move to ask the dealer if the game will pay the odd of thirty is to one for the hardway hop wagers. 2.The hop bet can be used when a player notices a roll called the signature. A signature is very noticeable. A signature roll is made on a particular number with a huge wager. It is good to hop to a different number from the one the other player is aiming for.

The bets mention indeed adds some variation to the craps game. It can also help players earn more when it is used properly.

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