Craps Rudiments – Playing the Proposition Bets

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Both craps novices and experienced players know that one of the worst bets one can ever make in the game are the proposition bets. The proposition bets are peculiarly positioned right in the middle of the craps table making them really that hard to miss and usually the object of any player’s sight.

It is an interesting sight to see the center of the craps table, where the proposition bets are located, being heaped in casino chips during a hot game. It appears that the payoff of 30 for one or 15 for one still attracts a lot of gamblers and thus the proposition bets will have as much stakes placed on them as the pass line bets. Why do people throw common sense out the window and make proposition bets, we might ask? The reason might strike a lot of people, and that is the fun of making these proposition bets.

The house edge on the proposition bets can be said to be really that aggressive compared to the other craps bets. Yet a lot of people make them, at times even the knowledgeable ones make them as well every once in a while. That makes a lot of curious first timers when they see the center of a craps table jammed with chips. All the while, they were told that the proposition bets should be avoided yet other craps players make them.

During a heated and well-crowded night at the craps table, it might become quite difficult to make proposition bets. You don’t just reach in and place your chips right smack on the proposition box. If players want to make a proposition bet they should talk to a dealer or the croupier (or at times the stick) and inform them of your proposition bet. You’re supposed to tell them which proposition bet you’re making and then you may toss your wager to them then they will place your bet for you.

All proposition bets will win or lose only on one roll of the craps dice. The only exception to this is the hardways bet. Hardways bets pays of depending on which hardways bets you make. For example a hard four or hard ten is paid in some casinos at seven for one and the hard six or hard eight pays ten for one.

On a hot crowded night at the craps table you shouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of bets placed on the center of the layout. The proposition bets are indeed exciting though they carry a huge amount of risk. But the prospect of a huge win is strong enough to encourage many to still make these craps wagers.

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